How Big Can You Dream?

Everything you want is within reach.

Have you tried vision boards? Moon wishes? The Law of Attraction? And still you aren't easily manifesting the things you want in life. It could be because you haven't yet connected with your cosmic helper: Goddess. The Goddesses are here to help us create the lives we want. All you need to do is connect.

What Do You Want?

Goddess can make your dreams a reality, no matter how big they are. She can help you...

  • Find a career that makes your heart sing

  • Meet a partner who is your equal

  • Have more than enough money to live your life on your terms

  • Banish negative thinking and live from a place of abundance

  • Live life happier and more positively

  • Learn that you have no limits!

I Will Teach You to...

  • Let Go of Negative Thinking

    Through a unique meditation, you'll meet your inner creature, that voice that tells you that you can't do something, and you'll learn to stop listening to it.

  • Get Specific

    You'll drill down to exactly what you want to manifest by identifying specific, actionable goals. Goddess loves details!

  • Connect with Your Goddess

    Through meditation, you'll meet the Goddess from your Cosmic Team who's ready to help you get what you want in life.

Ready to Get Manifesting?

Everything you've ever dreamed of is waiting for you. All you need to do is connect with Goddess energy to ask for it. What are you waiting for?

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Chapter 1

    • Welcome to Manifesting with the Goddess

    • What You'll Get Out of This Course

    • What You Need to Succeed

    • What's Your Level of Manifesting Savvy?

  • 2

    What is Manifesting?

    • What is Manifesting_

    • A Word on Goals

    • One Last Tip on Setting Goals

    • Now It's Your Turn

  • 3

    Where Does Goddess Come In?

  • 4

    Smoothing the Path to Manifesting

    • Get Out of Your Own Way!

    • Finding Your Personal Manifesting Mantra

    • Meeting Your Negative Inner Creature

  • 5

    Selecting Your Manifesting Buddy

    • Find the Goddess You Want to Work With

    • Let the Goddess Choose You

    • Meet Your Goddess Meditation

  • 6

    How to Work with Your Goddess to Manifest

    • Get Ready. Good Things are Coming!

    • Time to Get Manifesting!

    • Sit Back. Relax. Let the Magic Work!

    • Special Offer for You